The New Rules of Dinner Parties: Don’t Be On Time – And Bring More Booze Than You Need

As the times are changing, everything is changing along with it. Did you know that the rules of dinner parties have changed? If you did not know that, there is no need to feel left out. It is new for everyone; you and me both. Since we have gotten ourselves updated with the news, let us dig into it without further ado. So what are these new rules? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Okay, so first of all, good news for the fashionably late people, your most hated habit is in trend now. The very first rule is to not to be on time and the second rule is to bring more booze than you actually need.

It not all about formality anymore

Dinner parties in the past were all about bonding with your friends or family, and having interesting conversations over dinner. In spite of being just some casual get together, these dinner parties previously had some sort of formality and people attended these with some hint of good manners. But as of now, the entire purpose of these dinner parties has changed. Now, you lay down on a mattress under the open sky and get to have the most amazing food – be it fast food or a properly made dinner with appetizers and variety of main courses. Speaking of food, Suprima Bakeries has some amazing bakery items for dinner parties that you can consider taking along as well.

Being late to dinner parties is the new cool now

Take your time and there is no need to hurry anymore or feel guilty about getting late. I mean, who would even mind? It is rare to find people who give importance to being punctual these days, but even the punctual ones would have no choice than to join the club of the late comers. Not being on time to these parties is not at all a bad thing if you think about it. I mean, what if you arrive there on the exact time that was given to you? There is a high possibility that the host is in the middle of party preparations or in the shower. The host might ask you to set up a dining table for you. Whatever the matter be, it is going to be kind of awkward anyway.

Take more booze along than before

Want to feel even cooler? Just bring some more booze than you need and bam, you are super cool. It is an etiquette to bring something to a dinner party and it is thoughtful, even though you might end up drinking most of it. But obviously, do not expect it to be served unless the host wants to. It shows how much of a considerate guest you are and shows some basic manners. Maybe the idea of bringing extra booze is so some of it can be enjoyed by everyone, including you during the party- but make sure that there is some left for the hosts to keep for themselves. It is a gift after all. These rules are not bad though. In fact, they are really thoughtful- not only for the guests themselves, but also the hosts.