How to Style your Dining Room Table for an Unforgettable Night

How one should set a table is common knowledge. However, in today’s fast-paced and changing world, knowing how to set your table for the correct moment according to the correct style is a challenging thing to do. If you were asked to host a baby shower, a first birthday, a luncheon or an amazing dinner and want to give your guests an unforgettable night, then don’t worry, we have you covered. Just follow these simple steps to set an amazing table spread for your guests which will impress them into asking when the next event is.

  1. The Tableware and Cutlery

The cutlery you use for the event is one of the most important aspects of making the event special and enchanting. Research says that something as small as cutlery can change our perception of the food served and consequently the event in itself too. Make sure whatever you cutlery you decide upon is according to the theme you have chosen and according to the time of day. For example for hi-tea, you will choose a tea set, with matching plates and teacups. Most people tend to lean towards a more floral print and a vintage look when it comes to tea. However, for dinner, you would go for something more polished. You would need a complete set, with bowls, small plates and large plates for food. Make sure to add the appropriate glasses for the occasion depending on the beverage you serve.

  • The Dining Room

The atmosphere and interior of the dining room itself can have a huge impact on the way your guests perceive your event. The dining room needs to be spacious and have open space so the guests can easily find their seats instead of bumping into things to find their way. The colour of the walls should not overpower the room, so your table spread and dining room table can have an impact of its own and stand out. If the colours of the room are too bright or if the room is heavily decorated then they might steal away the spotlight from the dinner table, and that is not what we want. Choosing the correct sized dining table is also very important. Make sure it’s big enough to fit your company but does not cramp your room and make it feel congested. If you’re looking to make a change, you might want to look into a home decor service in Katoomba to help you re-arrange your dining room before the big event or you may even look into a few DIY home styling options.

  • The Food

The most important aspect of setting your dining room table to be perfect is the food itself. At times even when your presentation is lacking and your dining room is not in its best condition, the food can make up for it. The key thing is to make sure you choose the correct food for the occasion. If you are hosting guests for tea, then finger food will be a wise idea. On the contrary, Lobster and such meats that are more on the expensive side are a better idea for dinner. Choosing the correct cuisine and the correct type of food can enhance the experience of the party greatly.