Things you should know if you’re expecting a child

Expecting a newborn child can be such an exciting time for both parents. There is a lot of fun picking out baby furniture, clothes, and names as well as decorating the nursery. On the other hand, pregnancy comes with intense excitement and anticipation for most mothers. There are also unexpected body changes as the infant keeps growing while you adjust to the new motherly life.

Here is a list of what to expect when expecting:

Diverse opinions on parenting

Everyone has a different view on parenting. Social media, your mother-in-law, friends, and even mom have varied ideas on what needs to be done and not concerning your newborn child. On top of that, you will discover babies are never the same. This means that what works for one kid won’t work the same for the other. However its good you realize that people mean good when advising you. Thus instead of directly disagreeing with their view, just put a smile on their ideas and move on.

You will be emotional

There will be some serious changes in your personality. Expect to be yelling at your partner or even kids. You might also be tempted to cry at times due to the feeling of being a loaded mum with responsibilities. In addition to that, you will receive emotional wreckage especially when you are unable to make your baby sleep.

Expect to add more weight.

It is good to be prepared psychologically that you are going to add a little weight after delivery. Most mothers keep some of the weight gained during their prenatal period. As a matter of fact, 75% of mothers gain weights a year after delivery as compared to when they were expectant. You need to be in good shape before getting pregnant if you want to avoid such a scenario. This will also assist you to stay far from cancer and obesity while losing weight after delivery.

No more disposable income

A baby can be expensive than you expect. You will need to buy a baby carrier, stock new clothes, and blankets among many others. Besides that, be prepared for health expenses for delivery as well as pregnancy check-ups. You are therefore advised to take a plan which covers both you and your baby. Avoid all horrid surprises which come with medical bills. In addition, babies are costly in terms of buying nappies. Be fully prepared that all your disposable income is going to drop drastically due to spending.

Dads may change too

When expecting a baby, dads too adjust to hormonal changes. For instance, estradiol hormones decrease significantly while they increase in moms. As a dad, expect your sex drive to decrease in return. One also becomes more aggressive even on minor issues during such times.

Less sleep than you imagined

It’s common to experience a bad night during normal days. Chances are you were sick or worked overnight. However, the shortage of sleep is continuous with a new baby. Your baby will be breastfeeding after every one or two hours during the initial days. This means that chances of grasping a continuous sleep are minimal.

In conclusion, expecting a new baby comes with both anticipation and excitement. It’s therefore good to be prepared for both good and worse moments.