How to Get Great Wedding Catering

Nowadays, finding wedding catering in Melbourne has become quite easier. However, getting a perfect catering for a wedding can cost a lot. Even if the number of guests is limited; the charges for food, decor, and venue are too high for a person to pay easily. Given below are some ideas regarding how you can get great wedding catering in cheaper rates and making a wedding a pocket-friendly affair:

  1.  Choose Your Own Lawn as The Venue

During a wedding, in order to keep the burden lower on your pockets, you can instead of taking a function hall or a building on rent, which of course is an expensive affair, you could contemplate making use of your home’s lawn. Not only would this provide beautiful views, but it would also add a great deal to the factor of hosting a party outdoors, making it a picturesque event while completely eliminating high rental costs.

  • Invite A Lesser Number of Guests 

Although you want to include everyone you know in your guest list, but this is not always a great idea. With each addition you make, you are adding additional costs. As caterers charge per person, you can minimize the number of guests to get wedding catering for cheap. 

  • Go Minimal for the Décor

Instead of spending lots of money on flowers and other stuff that will die and go to trash shortly after the wedding is over, keep the decor minimal and elegant. If you really like adding flowers, it is better to go with the fake flowers since the real flowers are expensive than the fake ones. The probability remains high that the attendees may not even notice whether the flowers are real or not and you would be saving a bundle of money. Nevertheless, even if people notice and make fun of it for any reason, it should not matter at all.

  • Use Your Own Music System 

Hiring a DJ can further increase the cost of catering. Hence, in order to save cost, what you can do is perhaps make use of the stereo system already available in your home instead of hiring a costly DJ for a couple of hours or maybe asked a friend to fill in. To help with this, you could set the speakers in a surrounding manner around the place where the event is being held, create a contemporary playlist featuring your most favourite wedding songs.

  • Go Minimal in Terms of Food Too

To reduce the cost of the wedding catering, you can limit the food menu to some common items that are loved by everyone. Instead of different types of salads, just introduce two main salads i.e. Fruits and vegetable salad. Moreover, instead of going for ten to twenty main courses, you can choose a simple menu such as mac and cheese, rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, and other such food items that cost relatively lower.

  • Do Not Hire Staff 

Instead of hiring volunteers and staff to serve food, you can do it yourself too. It will not only reduce catering cost but will also show your love and affection for the guests and the guests will also love that gesture.